DGM Construction

DGM Construction. A name that is synonymous with Quality Workmanship, Efficient Project Completion and Service Excellence.

Founded by Don, Garith and Mike Dugmore in the year of 2001.

DGM Construction is now a highly successful medium sized building company focused on Domestic Building Projects.

Doing most of their work in the Southern Suburbs, where new builds are limited due to land availability, the majority of their projects are complete renovations and additions to existing homes. Having worked with Heritage Graded Properties within the confines of the Western Cape, DGM knows how to ensure a property’s heritage is not lost, while restoring it to its former glory.

Insofar as additions to properties are concerned, the only limitation is the client’s imagination. DGM’s sole goal is to help their clients live their best lives in their dream homes.

DGM’s sites are run hard and fast. Perfection is non-negotiable and a high standard of workmanship and professionalism is expected from all team members.